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7月6日(水) 26:00〜26:15

■Sweet Temptation / Aldious
 from Album"Radiant A" Now On Sale VAA ALDI-004

■World Of Confusion / TOXICROSE
 from ALBUM"Total Tranquility" 2016.07.29 On Sale RUBICON MUSIC RBNCD-1213

■Berserk / DEADLOCK
 from ALBUM"HYBRIS" 2016.07.06 On Sale MARQUEE/AVALON MICP-11301

7月13日(水) 26:00〜26:15

■Straight Shooter / PUNKY MEADOWS
 from Album"Fallen Angel"Now On Sale RUBICON MUSIC RBNCD-1210

■The Metter's Aethem / G∀LMET
 from DVD"戦闘記録2015"Now On Sale GMLV-003

■Road To The Legend / G∀LMET
 from DVD"戦闘記録2015"Now On Sale GMLV-003

7月20日(水) 26:00〜26:15

■Before Yesterday / BAND-MAID
 from MiniALBUM"Brand New MAID" Now On Sale CROWN STONES CRCP-40460

■呪いのシャ・ナ・ナ・ナ / 聖飢魔II
 from SINGLE"呪いのシャ・ナ・ナ・ナ / GOBLIN'S SCALE" Now On Sale Ariola Japan BVCL-727

■Waiting For Tomorrow / GRAND SLAM
 from ALBUM"A new Dawn" Now On Sale RUBICON MUSIC RBNCD-1208

7月27日(水) 26:00〜26:15

■Rx Overdrive / Crossfaith
 from SINGLE"New Age Warriors"2016.07.27 On Sale Sony Music BVCL-742

■Devil's Party / Crossfaith
 from ALBUM"XENO"Now On Sale Sony Music BVC7-6

■MADNESS / Crossfaith
 from SINGLE"MADNESS"Now On Sale Sony Music BVC7-4